Our Wilmington NC Allstate Insurance Team

Our team has over 65 combined years of service in the insurance industry. We work with a financially sound company that has been there for their customers since 1931. Service to our customers is our priority. We make sure to assist you in selecting the best insurance for your needs and to cover you for all that you have worked so hard for.



Introducing Murphie and Georgia - Office Morale Support

Murphie is 13 years old. We got her when she was 6 1/2 months old. Her birthday is May 24th and every year is a celebration. Our sweet girl is a native North Carolinian and is one of the kindes, sweetest, most loving dogs ever.

Georgia is much newer to the game and is not even six months old yet. Born June 1st and we picked her up when she was nine weeks old. Unlike her sister, the puppy was born in Georgia, which served as the inspiration for her name. One word sums up Georgia - she's a true goofball! She loves to play and get attention.

Murphie and Georgia have enjoyed getting to know each other. They do play together, nap together, and walk together.