Motorcycle & Boat Insurance

Wilmington NC

Save More On Boat and Motorcycle Insurance

Do you enjoy the freedom of two wheels, charting the open waters or making your own tracks through the wilderness?

We can help you cover your boat, motorcycle, and off-road vehicles. Stay protected while you explore!

Explore uncharted waters, but not without your life preserver! Get an online insurance quote from Carolina's best boat insurers and be sure your assets are protected.

Find boat insurance coverage tailored to your speed. We can craft a boat insurance policy covers liability insurance, fire hazards, sinking ships, damage done to your craft, damage done by your craft, lightning strikes, and more.

Protect your shipmates. When your loved ones are on your boat, you're responsible for their safety. Don't let them down. Find the boat insurance coverage right for you and get back on the water today.

Motorcycle Insurance In Wilmington NC

motorcycle insurance wilmington ncThe cost of coverage doesn’t have to run you off the road.

Morgan Scheibel will work with you to create a plan for affordable motorcycle insurance in Wilmington, NC that will keep you and your bike protected. You may be eligible for discounts and a custom policy, so you only pay for what you need.

Motorcycles and their riders have special concerns. It’s crucial that you and your bike are protected from hazards that come from drivers, other riders, and the weather. All riders are required by law to have bodily injury and property damage liability protection.

Uninsured Motorists

You’re protected, but is the driver that hit you?

Morgan Scheibel will help protect you from chaos on the roads. If you bike is damaged or you are hurt in an accident by an uninsured motorist, Allstate will help pay for medical expenses and may help pay for repairs.