Trusted Life Insurance in Wilmington NC

As your Morgan Scheibel Wilmington NC Insurance Agent, it’s our job to ask you about life insurance. It can be devastating for your family if we inform them that you did not have any life insurance.

There are so many things that need protection, including the ones you love! We can help you figure out how much coverage  and what kind of term life insurance policy is right for you. Contact us to learn more about your options for life insurance in Wilmington NC.


Life insurance protects your loved ones, your spouse, your children, perhaps even aging parents or dependent siblings, who would be financially burdened by your sudden death.

There are different options you can choose for life insurance:

Term Life is an affordable option that lets you set the time and the amount coverage you need. At the end of you term you can decide to renew your life insurance or purchase a new policy.

Universal Life  is a type of permanent life insurance that has flexible payments and gives you an opportunity to use a tax deferred savings  account as a part of your policy.

Whole Life is a simple  form of permanent life insurance that has fixed premiums and a guaranteed cash value.

Life insurance in Wilmington, NC

  • Replaces your income
  • Supplements daily living expenses
  • Helps fund college for your children
  • Covers funeral costs


Everyone needs life insurance, Wilmington NC. Having life insurance is among the most loving ways to show you care about your family.

If you died tomorrow, would your spouse be able to afford your rent or mortgage, bills, car loans, credit card payments, and funeral costs? Would your children be able to maintain the standard of living you’ve worked so hard to provide for them?

You need life insurance, because your family needs you.